Operating System

Version 1.02e Pa50SD_os_v102e.zip
Note: Do not try to load this Operative System in instruments other than Pa50SD!

Musical Resources

Version 1.00 Pa50SD_res_v100.zip

Note: Do not load these Musical Resources in instruments other than Pa50SD!

Computer Sequencer Templates

Steinberg - Nuendo, Cubase
Apple - Logic Pro
Cakewalk - Sonar

Style to Midi / Midi to Style Conversion Tool (Computer Software)

Win Pa80_StyleToMidi_106.zip - Compatible with Win 98/2000/XP
Note: The use of this tool is advised to experienced Style programmers only. You may convert Chord Variations to SMF and vice versa. No "automatic" Song to Style conversion is performed! The tool is freeware, no support is provided.