Pa50SD Professional Arranger

The Pa50 combines styles, enhanced sequencing functions, powerful performance features, comprehensive arranging tools and impeccable sound quality at a very low price. In addition an SD card drive let you easily store and exchange data with modern computers.

Tone Generation

The Sound Generation is based on our acclaimed Triton HI (Hyper Integrated Synthesis) System, making the Pa50 an entertainment keyboard that sound exactly like a Professional Synthesiser: a total of 32 Mb of amazing voices are available.


All the classical sounds, and particularly the solo instruments such as Stereo Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Trumpet, Flute, Guitar, Harmonica have been improved. 160 Performance locations are available to store configurations, including Upper 1-2-3 and Lower Tracks sounds, Pads, Transposition, Effects, etc.

In Style Play and Song Modes you can quickly edit all Programs using the Easy Program Edit functions (Attack, Decay, Release, LFO, Filter CutOff, Resonance) and use any of the four powerful Master Effect processors including Reverbs, Delays, Equalizers, Exciters, Overdrives, Sound Decimators, Analog Record, Rotary Speaker and Ring-Modulators. Up to 89 effects, are available.

A complete Program Edit section allows you to edit or create new Programs and new Drum Kits. Plus, you can send a stereo external audio source in the internal amplification.

State-of-the-art sequencing

The Pa50 is one of the first keyboard to offer two totally independent sequencers that can be run together and mixed via a Crossfader. While the sequencers are running, you can try different Performances using the four real-time keyboard tracks; the Pa50 has 40 tracks that can play at the same time.

Each sequencer has its own separate control set and they can read two Songs at the same time directly from SD Card. Lyrics, in most popular formats (Tune1000, M-Live, Karaoke, etc.), are displayed on-screen. In addition a convenient Jukebox function allows the creation of "playlists" for easy chains of songs.


The Pa50 boasts eight accompaniment tracks and we've made it really easy to play Styles. Each Style can recall its own Performance, including the settings for the accompaniment tracks and four settings (STS) for the real-time tracks. The Style can be fully programmed using functions like Quantize, Event Edit, Step Edit, and stored on the internal memory.

Backing Sequence

Recording your musical ideas is where the Pa50 provides its most distinct advantage. Where traditional workstations provide you an empty palette to start your idea with, the Pa50's Backing Sequencer can take advantage of the accompaniment system to provide you with as little or as much of a band as you need. If you simply need drums, you can select a Style and create a drum track with the press of a few buttons, adding fills where needed. Want more? Use the full system to get up to eight players who will follow your every idea.

After playing you can easily change chord ideas, break-downs etc. and the system will automatically change the parts needed so you can try out new ideas without re-recording everything. This brings a simplicity and flexibility to creating music that the more complex but demanding traditional systems can't match. So it's the perfect tool for the non-keyboardist and for the professional who needs to work quickly.

And the sounds you need to play yourself are separate from the sequencer tracks, so there's never any fear of note-robbing or effects setup compromises.


The onboard 16-Tracks sequencer allows Realtime or Step-by-Step recording. All editing features like Event Edit, Quantize, Transpose, Velocity, Delete, Cut, Insert, Copy, Easy Sound Edit are intuitive and easy to use, while 4 fully programmable Stereo Digital Effects can be used at the same time to create an exciting and professional mixdown.

Songs programmed and saved with 4 effects can also be used in Song Play Mode, to have the full benefit of Pa50 great sounds during a live gig.

i-Series compatibility

Owners of "i-series" models (i3, iS40, i30, etc.) will be happy to know that Pa50 is compatible with old models' style files. This will help all customers that want to enjoy all new exciting sounds and features of Pa50 without loosing style data previously used in old models.

Programmable Pads

Four Pads can be individually programmed for each Performance and STS. Pads can be assigned to preset sounds or to functions that replicate pedal ones. For example, this would help to have a Scratch sound in conjunction with a Dance Style or a Rotary Speaker fast/slow switch function together with a Organ Performance: no limits for your imagination!

High performance Solid-State Disk

The solid-state disk, which can hold up to 20Mb of compressed data, is the latest in disk technology and gives higher performance than ordinary Flash Rom. Plus, you can select Styles directly from the SD Card at the touch of a button - no loading operation needed.

Multi-task operation

The Pa50 features a powerful multitasking operating system which allows you to load a new Style while one is playing, load a new Program while a Song is playing, and even edit sounds or Global parameters while listening to your song ideas. This makes working with it a fluid process - the technology never gets in the way of your creativity. Play data directly from SD Card with no load time.

Perfectly amplified

The Pa50 features a newly designed 2 x 15 Watt amplification/speaker system, for smooth, deep, and powerful sound playback.

Beautifully designed

With its clean lines and silver finish, the Pa50 looks as good as it sounds. Ease-of-use has driven the styling with a logical control panel and linear structuring to give you fast access to the most commonly used functions at the touch of a button. Selecting a Style, Program, Performance or Single Touch Setting has never been easier.


Please note: Cosmetic and Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.