KORG PA Manager v1.2 released

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The third party All-In-One must have tool for all KORG Pa-Series Users. A unique application that easily and quickly enables you to manage & organise your Sets, be it your Styles, Performances, Pads or Sounds. You will now be able to create Full Detailed Reports and explore what's inside of a .SET folder without having to load it on to your KORG Pa-Series Arranger. Comes with a dozen of Languages to choose from. WAVE Xtractor, a powerful tool supporting popular audio formats from within the music industry, is now included FREE.

KORG PA Manager is designed to support all KORG PA Arrangers released to date by KORG excluding Local / EX / OR versions.

These Tutorial Videos should help you get started and have a better understanding of what the software has to offer: http://www.korgpamanager.com/tutorial

For more info please visit: http://www.korgpamanager.com

The new Pa3X Le

The Pa3X Le is the newest member of KORG's flagship Pa3X Professional Arranger series. Perfect for performance and songwriting, the Pa3X Le puts the awesome power and sound of the Pa3X in a more affordable, 76-note keyboard with an intuitive interface and plenty of hands-on control. It is packed with incredibly realistic and detailed sounds, plus an enormous range of Styles that cover musical genres from all around the world. The Pa3X Le's impressive feature set includes a TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer, a dual MP3 player & recorder, a powerful Dual Crossfade Sequencer, and much more. On stage, the Pa3X Le provides a professional look with a sturdy black aluminium case with wooden side panels.

See a video demo, and read more information about this new arranger.

New Styles Volume 22

A new set of 9 Styles for Pa-Series instruments, dedicated to pop and rock classics.
These styles are part of the Pa3X Musikant preload, courtesy of Korg & More german distributor for Korg.

New Styles Volume 21

A new set of 6 Styles for Pa-Series instruments, dedicated to contemporary pop and dance songs.

New Styles Volume 20

A new set of Styles for Pa-Series instruments, dedicated to several musical genres.

MobileSheets for Android devices available soon

The third party MobileSheets music reader app (developed by Zubersoft), allowing for reading lyrics and score on an Android tablet, in sync with the Pa-Series SongBook, will soon be available.

To be informed about its release date and development progress,
please see http://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/

Using SongBook+ for iPad with the Pa-Series instruments

Learn how to synchronize your Korg Professional Arranger to the iPad using this third party app, and read music scores and lyrics in PDF or JPG format on a bigger screen. Download the booklet here.
Further info and support about the iPad app are available at Baum Software official website.

Pa3X OS 1.63 Released

The new operating system for our flagship arranger. Connect your Pa3X to an iPad or an Android tablet, and enjoy the new exciting Sounds and Performances!

Pa900 OS 1.10 Released

The new operating system for the Pa900, now enabling communication with iPad/Android tablets and allowing for mixing microphone and line inputs.

SongBook Editor 1.5 Released

The PC editor for the Pa-Series SongBook, now including compatibility with Pa900, Pa600 and the new Pa300.

The new Pa300

The great little arranger for everyone. With the extraordinary sound you expect from Korg, and an incredible range of professional features, it will be the price to surprise you.

See a video demo, and read more information about this new arranger.

Pa900 Voice Processor presented by TC-Helicon

We are proud to introduce TC-Helicon's demonstrator Tom Lang, in a video illustrating how the Korg Pa900's Voice Processor can assist your singing.

Tom runs through a complete song to show the flexibility of this powerful Pa900 feature.

New Styles Volume 19

A new set of Styles for Pa-Series instruments, dedicated to several musical genres.

The new Pa900

The great sound and advanced features you can expect from a Korg Professional Arranger, at an unbelievable price.

Frankfurt Messe 2013 Demo

Take a look at the great Marco Parisi playing a Pa600 in our demo room at the Korg booth in Frankfurt 2013 - part 1 - part 2

Pa600 & Pa600QT OS 1.10 Released

The new operating system for our most affordable professional arrangers. Now easier to use than ever.

Pa Series Worldwide

Check out some of the Pa Series videos from around the world and experience the international flavors of sound that Korg's Pa Series of keyboards have to offer.

New Styles December 2012

A new set of Styles for Pa-Series instruments, dedicated to several musical genres.

The new Pa600

So small, yet so great. The new Korg Pa600 – pure Korg sound, more affodable than ever.

EMC Style Works XT Korg Demo

This special edition of EMC Style Works is entirely dedicated to the Korg Professional Arrangers.
Style Works converts Styles from several other file formats - new or old - to Korg's own format.
This will help you protect your investment in software by recovering your older collections.
You can register with EMC to extend your trial period.


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